Advanced Wound Care for chronic and long-term,
non-healing wounds
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Chronic wounds can become seriously infected, gangrenous and in some cases require
amputation. Often, this is due to limited blood flow that can impede the body's normal healing
processes. Osage Nation Home Health offers a new therapeutic treatment for chronic wounds
that have
not healed after standard wound treatment. In the majority of patients, our
treatment programs can produce complete healing, usually within a month or two.
• Diabetic ulcers
• Pressure ulcers
• Vessel disease wounds
__ (stasis ulcers)
• Surgery wound breakdown
• Spinal injury wounds
• Chemical wounds
• Burns
• Brown Recluse spider bites
Without adequate oxygen, and other nutrients, new
tissue cannot form and white blood cells loose their
protective bacteria-killing capacity, ensuring that
infection will increase. Neither topical nor systemic
pharmaceuticals can compensate for the lack of blood
flow. Osage Nation Home Health's Endovascular Shear
Therapy (EST) can markedly upregulate blood flow,
delivering more oxygen and nutrition to the wound site.
The flowing blood creates kinetic energy and forces
related to the vascular endothelium (the lining of the
blood vessel). These kinetic forces, particularly shear
stress, activate the body’s paracrine and autocrine
response, resulting in the upregulation of many
vasoactive substances which contribute to the healing

Some of these substances, after chronic application of
the protocol, contribute to the formation of collateral
circulation (angiogenesis, arteriogenesis) to help
sustain adequate perfusion and tissue oxygenation
following the treatment course.

Treatable chronic wounds: